Master's Program

We offer two tracks leading to the M.A. degree, depending on your academic and professional goals. Track I requires a minimum of 30 semester hours, plus a foreign language requirement, while track II requires 36 semester hours.

All students pursuing the M.A. in English are required to either take a final comprehensive examination or complete an M.A. capstone project.

On-campus Degree Areas

For students pursuing the M.A. in English on campus, you may choose one of the following areas of study:

  • Literature, Film, and Culture
  • Education in English Language Arts
  • Writing and Rhetoric
  • Literature and Rhetoric/Writing

Full time students pursuing the above degree areas may also apply for an assistantship in our program. Further information is available on our admissions page.

Online or Hybrid Degree Area

We offer an M.A. option in General Studies in English designed for working professionals, particularly teachers, seeking to earn an M.A. in English as a terminal degree. Unlike the focused areas outlined above, this advanced degree encourages a comprehensive study of literary history and analysis, writing and rhetoric, and linguistics.

The degree is designed to be flexible, allowing students to pursue coursework online, in person or a combination of both. Pursuing the degree entirely online limits the course options available to fulfill the requirements. On average, a full time student could complete track I (30 hours) of this degree path in two years by taking two online courses per term, including summers. Track II (36 hours) would require an additional summer of coursework. Part time students progress at their own pace, and it's understood that they may take longer to complete the degree. Students pursuing this degree are not eligible to apply for an assistantship in our program.