English News and Accolades


Faculty News

  • Professor Jeffrey Einboden's recent book Jefferson’s Muslim Fugitives: The Lost Story of Enslaved Africans, Their Arabic Letters, and an American President was published by Oxford University Press. It received a feature from Lapham's Quarterly and was named by Georgetown as part of its "Anti-Racism Toolkit." An interview with Professor Einboden about the book was published June 29.
  • Professor Lara Crowley's recent book, Manuscript Matters: Reading John Donne's Poetry and Prose in Early Modern England, was recognized as a "Distinguished Publication" of 2018 by the John Donne Society.
  • As part of NIU's 125th Anniversary celebrations, Melissa Adams-Campbell and Natalie Joy, Assoc. Prof. of History, have been awarded funding for their collaborative project, "Forward Together: Celebrating NIU’s Native American Past, Present, and Future." One of only eight projects to receive funding across the university, Adams-Campbell and Joy will use NIU’S 125th Anniversary to promote greater awareness of Native American peoples at NIU and in the northern Illinois region by: creating a campus exhibit celebrating NIU's Native American students and their campus activism; commemorating the rich history of Black and Native collaborations hidden in the history of DuSable Hall's renaming; and working to draft language for a public statement acknowledging NIU's location on the traditional homelands of the Sauk, Meskwaki, and Potawatomi nations.
  • Publication of Inquiry Paths to Literacy Learning (Rowman & LIttlefield, 2019), edited by Elizabeth A. Kahn, Andrew Bouque, Dawn Forde, Thomas M. McCann, and Carolyn C. Walter. (Carolyn Walter supervises our English student teachers, and Andrew Bouque is an NIU alum.) Each of the editors has a chapter in the book. There are chapters by additional NIU English alumni: "Managing Group Inquiry" by Patricia Dalton and Suzanne Starnes and "Investigating Text and Self: Inquiry, Literacy, and Social-Emotional Learning," co-authored by Shannon McMullen. There is also a chapter by current NIU English graduate students: "Inquiring in First-Year Composition" by Shayne Dwyer and Faye Scott.
  • Bonnie Kyburz has had a book chapter accepted for an MLA publication, edited by Deborah Holdstein. The book is Lost and Found Texts in Rhetoric and Composition. 
  • Retired instructor John Bradley has won a first prize in the James Tate International Poetry Contest.
  • Deborah DeRosa presentated "The American Short Story:  New Considerations' at the recent American Literature Association Conference.
  • Gulsat Aygen has a new publication titled Word Choice Errors in English: A Descriptive Linguistics Approach with Sarah Eastlund. Routledge: New York, 2019.
  • Gulsat Aygen has a new invited chapter in a book titled “Morphosyntax: Morpho-Syntactic Marking of Inflectional Categories in English”. Chapter 4, in Applied Linguistics for Teachers of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners, Nabat Erdogan and Michael Wei (eds.). Hershey: IGI Global, 2019.
  • Jessica Reyman and NIU English alumna Erika Sparby (PhD, 2017) have published a new edited collection, Digital Ethics: Rhetoric and Responsibility in Online Aggression (Routledge). Read more about it.
  • Jeff Einboden was recently awarded the President Research, Scholarship and Artistry Professor and Tim Ryan was awarded the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award
  • Nicole Clifton has a new publication titled "Anthony Foster of Trotton and London, Lincoln's Inn MS 150," from the Yearbook of Langland Studies 32 (2018), 77-126.  Read the abstract.
  • Joe Bonomo has a new book out titled No Place I would Rather Be: Roger Angell and a Life of Baseball Writing, from University of Nebraska Press.

Student News

  • Congratulations to alumna Abbey Zink, named provost and vice president for academic affairs at Slippery Rock University!
  • Congratulations to Jaclyn Swiderski whose article "'Your body must be heard': Uncovering a New Language Through Female Pain and Bodily Empowerment" will be published in a forthcoming issue of Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal. Jaclyn is now working on her Ph.D. at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Congratulations to Elizabeth Lamszus, an alumna of our program, who published "Artistic Anxiety and the Pressure to Perform in Michael Cunningham's The Hours" in Humanities Bulletin (https://www.journals.lapub.co.uk/index.php/HB/article/view/1254)
  • Congratulations to Tanner Underwood, an alumnus of our program, who published "Prior's Blindness: Magical Realism in Kushner's Angels in America" in Humanities Bulletin (https://www.journals.lapub.co.uk/index.php/HB/article/view/1247)
  • Congratulations to Anne Stoughton, who has been awarded NIU’s competitive Outstanding Thesis Award of 2018-2019 in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and education category.  Anne’s thesis project, “ITA Language Proficiency Testing: Recommended Replacement for the SPEAK Test,” directed by Professor Doris Macdonald, studies the Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit (SPEAK) employed at numerous universities to assess oral English proficiency for International Teaching Assistants (ITAs). Stoughton interviewed experienced SPEAK administrators and surveyed English proficiency tests administered at multiple Midwestern schools. She proposes oral language testing solutions to replace the SPEAK test. The project, which could have a real-world positive impact on NIU’s ITAs, was particularly noted for its relevance by the Graduate School Award Committee.
  • Congratulations to Greg Locascio, a former student in the Department of English, for a recent article about him in the Daily Chronicle.
  • Marcy Bock-Eastley, Joey Crundwell, Jennifer Jenkins, Tabitha London, and Natalie Santiago have written a chapter on Twitch in the edited collection, Digital Ethics: Rhetoric and Responsibility in Online Aggression by Jessica Reyman and Erika Sparby (Routledge).
  • Cameron Simpson, an English major and English Student Ambassador, wrote a feature article for the NIU Libraries spring 2019 publication of "Founders Keepers"
  • Mia Pidlaoan, an English major, published a piece titled "Video Game Controversy Sparks Meaningful Conversation" for WNIJNews
  • Stonehouse, the new student-run academic journal housed in the English department, held a launch party for the first edition of the journal.  The event was held in the Sky Room of Holmes Student Center.
  • Anthony Salazar, an English graduate student, published an article titled "Clive Barker's Sacrament and the Future of Queer Lives during the AIDS Crisis" in the Journal of English Literature and Cultural Studies 2.2 (2019: 46-60.

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