NIU English Publications


Stonehouse Academic Journal is a student-run, academic publication with an emphasis on liberal arts and sciences. Sponsored by Sigma Tau Delta’s XI Delta Chapter, this journal encourages innovation, creativity, and critical thinking in the original work of Northern Illinois University students. Stonehouse promotes the writing, rhetoric, and research of NIU’s undergraduate and graduate students as they engage in an academic conversation. Each student-selected essay published through this academic journal stands as a stone in a wall of our stone house.

Reavis Newsletter

The Reavis Newsletter is an annual publication that celebrates the accomplishments of our faculty and students.

Contemporary Voices

In 1986 the first edition of Contemporary Voices honored the memory of Mae Thomas, English faculty member and CHANCE administrator, by showcasing the work of NIU's developmental writers. Contemporary Voices is read by all first-year students enrolled in English 102 and 103P and is revised annually to include the writing of each year's Mae Thomas Award winners.


Style invites submissions that address questions of style, stylistics and poetics from scholars across the world. These submissions may include research and theory in discourse analysis, literary and nonliterary genres, narrative, figuration, metrics and rhetorical analysis. Style also welcomes contributions employing the new psychologies: cognition, bio-evolutionary psychology, family systems and human development. Furthermore, the editors will be pleased to consider submissions on pedagogy generally as such relate to the teaching of literature and the humanities. Contributions may draw from such fields as literary criticism, critical theory, linguistics, philosophy of language, rhetoric, narrative and composition studies as well as the varieties of psychologies and pedagogies.


Towers is Northern Illinois University’s yearly literary and creative arts magazine featuring all original, unpublished work by students.


Y1 Writes: A Collection of Student Essays highlights student essays from Northern Illinois University's First-Year Composition classes, showcasing a variety of writing genres and styles. Y1 Writes offers students a chance to publish their work and serves as a sourcebook of ideas and examples for instructors.