Writers' Workshop

The primary mission of the Writer's Workshop is to support student writing during their first year at NIU. Students enrolled in English 103P team up with Workshop Writers for weekly sessions. These required 40-minute sessions may focus on any number of composition-related areas from assignment comprehension, analysis, content development and organization, elements of style and mechanics and include student-preferred focuses. All sessions honor the voice and perspective of students, Workshop Writers, and Instructors.

Students eligible for Writer’s Workshop in English 103P also have the benefit of using our space as a resource for their English 203 assignments and other writing-related coursework as well. Our ultimate vision is to provide continued writing support to former 102/103P students throughout their undergraduate and graduate careers at NIU. Welcome to our writing community!

For more information, contact the co-coordinators, Caitlin Gamble at cgamble3@niu.edu and Ashley Palmer at apalmer1@niu.edu or call 815-753-0272.

The Writers' Workshop 
DuSable 261 
Northern Illinois University 
DeKalb, IL 60115 
Phone: 815-753-0272