First-Year Composition Frequently Asked Questions

Transfer Credit

Q – I didn’t get credit for my composition course or writing class from another university. What can I do to get my work re-evaluated and receive credit? 

A: Complete a Course Transfer Worksheet (PDF) and e-mail the completed form along with required documents to Follow the directions on the bottom portion so the Director can review and approve course articulations.


Q – I want to get into a FYComp class, but it’s full. (ENGL 102, 103, 203, 204)

A: There are times when we will open additional seats in some sections of classes or open new sections before the semester begins. Please keep watching MyNIU diligently to see if there have been new seats opened up. Also during the first week of classes, there will be people dropping classes so please be watchful.

Q – I cannot enroll in classes because I have a hold on my records.

A: If you are a first-year student admitted through the CHANCE program, contact your CHANCE counselor to find out what type of hold is on the account. Sometimes counselors can have a hold lifted temporarily so a student can register for classes. If you are not a CHANCE-admitted student, contact your advisor, and/or visit or call a campus office such as the Bursar, Health Services or Advising to get a hold resolved.

Q – I need a permission number to register for an ENGL 103ESL or 203ESL class.

A - Permission numbers are required for 103ESL and 203ESL. Those courses are for international students only. International students wishing to get into those classes may send a request to to get a permission number or stop into Reavis 215 to ask for a permission number at the FYCOMP reception desk.

Q – I want to add/drop a class.

A: Students who have a hold on their records and cannot add the class themselves (see above). If you are a CHANCE-admitted or ESL student, come to FYComp reception desk in Reavis 215 for permission. The Director of First-Year Composition will make a decision depending on which section you are requesting. The following schedule applies to all students:

  • Week 1: student can add/drop all classes themselves via MyNIU.
  • Week 2: student can add/drop classes by contacting major college/academic advising center. Student must attend class even if there is a hold on their account.
  • Week 3-8: student can withdraw from a class by contacting their major college or academic advising center.

Other Concerns

Please email Include as much detail as possible, including any relevant documentation.