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A political science degree will make you marketable for public service positions that are not government affiliated. Graduates with political science degrees regularly work for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), both domestically and internationally. Additionally, many of our graduates work for non-profit organizations (NPOs). Confused about the difference between NGOs and NPOs? Learn more about these careers.

A sampling of courses for students interested in a career in public service:

  • POLS 220: Introduction to Public Policy
  • POLS 326: Nonprofit Management
  • POLS 389: International Law and Organization

Alumni Testimonals

"Joining the Political Science department gave me more than knowledge of American government, constitutional law, and political theory; I was given a view of the world. I was able to obtain a Department sponsored scholarship which aided me being able to take my first international trip to study abroad at Oxford University with Prof. Schraufnagel. While abroad, I was able to visit several countries and had the unique opportunity to extensively reflect on my life's purpose. I realized my goal was to liberate marginalized persons via education, as my own education had opened the proverbial door for me. After going on to completed my graduate degree, I was granted an opportunity become a teacher in several countries and now domestically with the nonprofit Teach for America. "by DaLisa Barnes, Director, Leadership Coaching

"The skills I was able to develop through pursuing my political science degree at NIU proved to be a tremendous asset as I started my career in non-profit development. My emphasis in international politics helped me to build the understanding and cultural sensitivity needed in order to successfully represent the diverse immigrant population which was served by the non-profit organization that I worked for. Additionally, my degree allowed me to polish my writing and communication skills, which are essential skills to have in the non-profit sector."by Mansi Trivedi, Non-Profit Development Professional, Grant Writer (B.A., 2014)

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