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Program Requirements

Students not able to study on campus in DeKalb may qualify to enroll in our online Bachelor of Arts program. This program accepts students who have earned an Associate's degree from a community college, or students who have otherwise satisfied their NIU general education requirements and preferably their foreign language requirements. Students in this program may complete their B.A. degree in Political Science, with an emphasis in Politics, by taking all of their remaining Political Science courses online.  Answers to the most frequently asked questions about this degree:

Our alumni are succeeding in a wide range of careers, from law to insurance, government to corporate public relations. The BA in Political Science provides a solid liberal arts education that teaches you the skills employers say they look for: teamwork, critical thinking and analysis, writing and communication, and research ability.

To find out whether you have met this requirement, visit the NIU Undergraduate Catalog and look under "Foreign Language Requirements for the B.A. Degree."

For questions about this and other General Education requirements, contact CLAS Advising, 815-753-0114,

By earning an AA or an AS at a community college, you will satisfy your basic general education requirements and can complete the foreign language requirement for the BA. You should then be ready to apply to NIU for the online BA in Politics, contact CLAS Advising, 815-753-0114,

If your AA or AS degree is from a public community college, then your general education requirements will automatically transfer to NIU.  If you have questions about course articulation processes, then NIU’s Transfer Center Admissions Counselors will be glad to work with you.

AAS students should go back to their community colleges to consult with an academic advisor who can guide them in how to complete an AA or AS degree.  If you’re enrolled at an Illinois public community college, this will include NIU general education courses. After completing the gen ed requirements, you can then apply to NIU for the online BA in politics. For information on the general education and foreign language requirements for the BA in Politics, contact NIU advisor Judy Santacatarina (815 753-7961,

Most community colleges will offer a basic course in American Government that will articulate at NIU as POLS 100.  Many will also offer courses that provide introductions to Comparative Politics, International Relations, and sometimes Political Philosophy.  These courses will articulate as POLS 260, POLS 285, and POLS 251 at NIU.  Your local academic advisor should be able to help you pick community college courses that will match up directly with these NIU courses.   

To apply for the BA in Politics Online, you will need to complete the Transfer Student Application.

Not at this time.  Currently we do not offer all the courses needed for the BS degree online.

Politics & Governance is our most flexible emphasis.  It ensures that you can graduate in a reasonable period of time working with the list of courses that we are able to make available online.  

The online program offers a narrower range of electives because not all political science courses will be delivered online. However, the online choices are drawn from a variety of subject areas and include some of our most popular courses and instructors.

Students in the online BA program will work closely with two advisors. To set up an appointment contact CLAS Advising, 815-753-0114,

NIU provides support for all its students—online, on-campus, off-campus, day, evening! You don’t have to navigate college alone!  Your academic advisors will guide you through the selection of courses, but we know that other issues crop up. To set up an appointment contact CLAS Advising, 815-753-0114,

You will need regular access to a computer that meets certain minimum requirements in order to successfully complete online coursework.  Visit NIU Online to see a checklist of minimum computer requirements and to take a browser test to see whether your computer checks out.  On the same site, you can take an online course readiness survey and view a sample online lesson to see if online courses are a good fit for you. 

If you have completed your general education requirements (all included in Illinois public community college AA or AS Degrees) and you have met the foreign language requirement for your BA, then all remaining courses can be taken online at NIU.  The foreign language requirement may be completed at NIU. Or you can complete the foreign language requirement at your local community college pending written approval from an advisor in NIU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (815-753-0114).
If your AA or AS degree is from a private or out-of state college, then NIU’s Transfer Center Admissions Counselors will be glad to work with you to determine course equivalencies.

Yes!  As long as you fulfill the other admission requirements, international students are welcome.

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