Public Policy Analysis

In addition to policy specific courses that will prepare you for careers in public policy analysis, political science majors learn research and critical thinking skills that will make you competitive for public policy jobs. Public policy analysts may work for the government, a think tank, a non-governmental organization (NGO) or a university, to just name a few.

A sampling of courses for students interested in a career in public policy analysis:

  • POLS 220: Introduction to Public Policy
  • POLS 307: The U.S. Congress
  • POLS 324: Politics of Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulation
  • POLS 330: Bureaucracy and the Public Policy Process
  • POLS 340: Political Analysis
  • POLS 380: American Foreign Policy
  • POLS 388: U.S. National Security Policy

Notable Alumni

Brad Broughton

Brad Broughton
B.S., 2010
Senior Budget Analyst, Office of Management and Budget, Chicago Public Schools

I am confident that the political science degree at NIU afforded me the skills necessary for a successful career in government. It trained me to identify trends, enhanced my ability to think critically about sophisticated dilemmas, thereby allowing me to develop feasible solutions that account for a diverse political environment. The educational foundation I gained also prepared me for graduate school at one of the country’s highest-ranking schools for public administration. Most importantly, the political science faculty devoted their time and energy to my future—any student should feel as fortunate as I do to have access to this world-class opportunity.

Demaree Michelau

Demaree Michelau
B.S., 1994
Director of Policy Analysis - Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)

My political science degree from NIU prepared me exceptionally well for graduate school where I earned my Ph.D. and for my career in public policy. While at NIU, I learned the content that I needed to further my education as well as the life skills that I needed to start on a successful professional path. I’m now confident that with my political science degree from NIU, I have transferable skills that allow me the flexibility to consider a variety of different and exciting directions in the future.

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