A paralegal is essentially a lawyer’s assistant who does research to help prepare for a meeting or trial. Because of the department’s emphasis in public law, you will get a strong background in law and legal training.

A sampling of courses for students interested in a career as a paralegal:

  • POLS 210: Introduction to Law and Courts
  • POLS 317: Judicial Politics
  • POLS 410: Constitutional Law I
  • POLS 411: Constitutional Law II
  • POLS 412: Constitutional Law III
  • POLS 415: Criminal Law

Notable Alumni

Jacky Aguilera

Jacky Aguilera
B.A., 2013
Paralegal at Dady & Hoffmann LLC

My degree in political science is the foundation to my current job as an immigration paralegal. The acquired skills and knowledge gained in the political science program were key to helping me get a job in this area. The NIU political science program taught me thorough understanding of our government and court systems. Part of my daily duties include reviewing complicated documents and preparing responses to the federal government. I feel that I can do all of this thanks to the great education, support and commitment from the NIU political science program. I plan on taking my career further and enrolling in NIU law school Program.

Adam Keenan

Adam Keenan
B.S., 2010

I think the best thing I learned from my poli sci degree was analyzing and critical thinking. I use it pretty much everyday at work and I think the way we learned it at NIU has set me apart from my peers in the same position.

Samantha Winge

Samantha Winge
B.A., 2012
Paralegal at Law Offices of Debra A Buettner, P.C.

My degree in political science with an emphasis in public law helped me to lay a foundation of basic legal knowledge needed to start work as a paralegal. I learned the analytical skills needed to perform well in my field through the public law coursework I completed and was able to fully grasp the inner-workings of our judicial system prior to starting work in my position. The reading of court opinions in the constitutional law classes made for an easy transition to reading, notating, and understanding the court opinions in the cases that I have researched since.

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