National Security

Many political science graduates go on to work in the federal government, specifically in positions related to national security. A political science degree will make you competitive for positions with federal departments, including State, Defense, Homeland Security and the CIA. Additionally, political science is an excellent degree if you're interested in serving in the military. NIU has an ROTC program that helps prepare students for military service.

A sampling of courses for students interested in a career in national security:

  • POLS 285: Introduction to International Relations
  • POLS 359: War, Empire, and Ethics
  • POLS 376: Political Violence
  • POLS 381: Regional Security
  • POLS 382: Topics in Contemporary Security
  • POLS 386: Global Terrorism
  • POLS 387: International Security
  • POLS 388: U.S. National Security Policy

Notable Alumni

Andrew Hansen

Andrew Hansen
B.A., 2014
Infantry Officer at 3rd BDE, 3rd ID

A career in the armed forces demands leaders who can understand, assess and react to a myriad of global challenges. As an army intelligence professional, I arm hundreds of soldiers with the political, cultural and historical background they need to make the right decision when lives are on the line. As a graduate of the NIU Political Science Department, I have the confidence to know that I was well prepared for that responsibility.

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