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Many of our graduates go on to work at universities as professors, which normally requires a Ph.D. If you're interested in working in offices like student affairs, academic research and policy, and admissions, political science is also an excellent degree.

Notable Alumni

Tamara Boston

Tamara Boston
B.A., 2013
NIU graduate student in Counseling, Adult, and Higher Education

One of the chief benefits of political science courses is how some of the theories can be applied to different disciplines. I am currently a graduate student in the Counseling, Adult, and Higher Education program. I have applied my learning about the politics of legislation and policies to those that affect higher education. Political science, because of my emphasis in public law, has given me great insight on the various court cases that effect higher education.

Megan Geyer

Megan Geyer
B.A., 2011
Program Advisor and Outreach Coordinator, NIU Honors Program

Political Science at NIU is more than just a major; it is a community. I had the opportunity to work with world class researchers who took the time to get to know me personally.

Cassandra Young

Cassandra Young
B.S., 1984
Director of NIU Alumni Relations, College of Business

My political science degree from NIU actually taught me how to think critically and analyze what I read in a deep way. My classes broadened my mind by obliging me to read all kinds of political philosophy and unique topics. Each paper I wrote made me reflect on what I read in a way I had never done before. A wonderful gift!

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