Campaigns and Politics

If you're interested in running electoral campaigns or running for office, a political science degree is the perfect preparation! In fact, the NIU Department of Political Science has numerous alumni who have been elected to positions at all levels of government.

A sampling of courses for students interested in a career in campaigns and/or politics:

  • POLS 300: American Presidential Elections
  • POLS 301: Political Psychology
  • POLS 304: American Public Opinion
  • POLS 305: Parties and Elections
  • POLS 309: American Electoral Democracy
  • POLS 341: Political Participation and Behavior

Notable Alumni

Steven Andersson

Steven Andersson
B.A., 1986
State Representative 65th District

The political science degree I received from NIU was the foundation for a lifelong career. It gave me the tools to understand decision-making paradigms from an analytical perspective. This skill set can serve anyone in whatever career path they choose to embark upon (political or otherwise). It truly provides a unique perspective with which to view the world.

Christopher Nelson

Christopher Nelson
B.A., 1993
Mayor at Village of West Dundee

The experiences I had in the poli sci program at NIU prepared me to enter the working world with the necessary tools not only to begin my career, but also to continue to improve with each work day. The department is demanding, requiring students to research thoroughly, read prodigiously and communicate clearly--all skills that are required in just about any professional career one might choose. Since graduation, I have worked in both the public and private sectors, started a business and run successfully for public office. I feel that my education at NIU, and in particular the Department of Political Science, gave me the ability to compete in a variety of settings by helping me to develop a diverse, relevant skillset that has allowed me to have a professional life that I enjoy immensely.

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