Businesses want employees who can think critically, write clearly and communicate effectively. A liberal arts degree, and political science in particular, will help you develop and hone these skills. A political science degree prepares you to succeed in business generally, but it is especially valuable for people interested in international business.

A sampling of courses for students interested in a career in business:

    • POLS 351: Liberalism and Its Critics
    • POLS 383: International Political Economy
    • POLS 389: International Law and Organization

Notable Alumni

Paul Fribert

Paul Fribert
B.A., 2011
Supply Chain/Logistics Analyst-Yusen Logistics (Americas)

Supply chain and logistics companies are screaming for graduates who can effectively interpret data to cogently present an operational business plan. I sift through large amounts of data and information to identify key factors affecting current market conditions and tease out future business trends. It’s the same strategic thought process I utilized when I was studying political science. Graduates who can utilize disparate bits of information to identify and act upon potential business opportunities will thrive. Supply chains need thinkers

Jeff Yordon

Jeff Yordon
B.A., 1970
Former Chairman, CEO and President Sagent Pharmaceuticals

A political science degree from NIU prepared me for the challenges of the business world by teaching me exceptional written and oral communication, sharpening my analytical skills, teaching me how to make tough decisions and the ability to see the bigger picture. I honestly feel that this background prepared me more significantly than a standard business degree!

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