Politics and Governance

Program Requirements

The emphasis in politics and governance appeals to students who want maximum flexibility to design a program of study that best fits their intellectual interests and career objectives. For some, this means taking a wide variety of courses from several different subfields within political science. Others may wish to create a particular specialization not covered by our other emphases. For example, using the politics and governance emphasis, students might choose to specialize in courses that focus on:

  • American government and politics (see examples below)
  • Political theory (see examples below)
  • Electoral politics and electioneering
  • Environmental policy issues
  • Political psychology

Students involved in NIU's Accelerated Law Degree program are required to select the politics and governance emphasis to maximize their ability to complete all major requirements by the end of their junior year.

Course Offerings in American Government and Political Theory

The politics and governance emphasis gives students the opportunity to specialize in areas not covered in other emphases, including courses in American government and political theory. Examples of regularly taught courses in these subfields include:

American Government

  • Parties and Elections
  • American Public Opinion
  • The U.S. Congress
  • The American Presidency
  • Political Participation and Behavior
  • Mass Media in American Politics
  • Local Government and Politics

Political Theory

  • Liberalism and Its Critics
  • Natural Right and Law
  • American Political Thought I
  • American Political Thought II
  • Religion and the Constitution
  • War, Empire, and Ethics
  • Classical and Medieval Political Theory

If you have any questions about the politics and governance emphasis, please email Dr. Mikel Wyckoff at mwyckoff@niu.edu.

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