Aarie Glas


  • International Security
  • International Relations Theory
  • Regional and Global Governance
  • Southeast Asia
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Overview of Scholarly Activity

Aarie Glas, Ph.D., (University of Toronto) is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science with a specialization in international relations (IR) and a faculty associate in the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS). His research interests include regional governance and conflict management in the Global South, with a focus on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), international relations theory, and interpretive and qualitative research methods. Prof. Glas is an executive committee member of the American Political Science Association’s Interpretive Methodologies and Methods Group. His 2022 book, Practicing Peace: Conflict Management in Southeast Asia and South America, is published with Oxford University Press. His research has been published in the European Journal of International RelationsInternational Affairs, Journal of Global Security Studies, and PS: Political Science and Politics, among other outlets.

Prof. Glas teaches courses on IR and IR theory, international security, regionalism and regional organizations, and research methods. He is particularly interested in supervising research projects related to regional and global governance, U.S. foreign policy, international organizations, social IR theory, and inter-state conflict and cooperation broadly speaking.

Selected Publications

Stéphanie Martel and Aarie Glas (forthcoming), “The Contested Meaning-Making of Diplomatic Norms: Competence in Practice in Southeast Asian Multilateralism.” European Journal of International Relations. 

Alesha Porisky and Aarie Glas (forthcoming), “Insiders, Outsiders, and Credible Visitors in Research.” PS: Political Science and Politics.

Aarie Glas (2022). Practicing Peace: Conflict Management in Southeast Asia and South America. Oxford University Press. 256 pages. 

Aarie Glas and Marion Laurence (2022), “Changing Norms in Practice: Noninterference in the UN and ASEAN.” Journal of Global Security Studies 7(2).

Aarie Glas (2021), “Power, Positionality, and Positions of Power: Reflexivity in Elite Interviewing, PS: Political Science and Politics. 54(3): 438-442.

Aarie Glas and Emmanuel Balogun (2020), “Norms in Practice: People-Centric Governance in ASEAN and ECOWAS,” International Affairs 96(4): 1015-1032.

Jessica Soedirgo and Aarie Glas (2020), “Toward Active Reflexivity: Positionality and Practice in the Production of Knowledge,” PS: Political Science and Politics 53(3): 527-531.

Aarie Glas and Jessica Soedirgo (2018), "A Posture of Active Reflexivity: Learning from Lee Ann Fujii's Approach to Research." Qualitative & Multi-Method Research 16(1): pp. 53-55.

Aarie Glas (2018), "African Union Security Culture in Practice: African Problems and African Solutions." International Affairs 94(5): pp. 1121–1138.

Aarie Glas, Clifton van der Linden, Matthew Hoffmann, and Robert Denemark (2018), "Understanding Multilateral Treaty-Making as Constitutive Practice." Journal of Global Security Studies 3(3): pp. 339-357.

Aarie Glas (2017), "Habits of Peace: Long-Term Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia." European Journal of International Relations 23(4): pp. 833-856.

Aarie Glas and John Kirton (2012), "Global Governance from America, Canada and the Responsible Rest" in Sean Clark and Sabrina Hoque (eds.). Debating a Post-American World: What Lies Ahead. London: Routledge.



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