Graduate Certificate

CSEAS offers a graduate certificate in Southeast Asian studies if you're completing master's or doctoral programs at NIU or if knowledge of the region would further your professional development (teachers, community college instructors, mid-career managers, business professionals, government employees and non-governmental/non-profit agency staff). You must be in good academic standing in any NIU graduate program or in the graduate-level classification of student-at-large.

The certificate requires proficiency in a Southeast Asian language (equivalent to one year of language courses [10 hours]). You may test out of the language requirement; native speakers from Southeast Asia may have the language requirement waived. In addition to the language, the certificate requires a series of four courses offered, on-campus or online, by the center's affiliated academic units including one core course, SEAS 625: Southeast Asia: A Multidisciplinary Perspective (3 credits) and three elective courses selected from the three categories listed on this worksheet.

Important: as you take and complete courses, continue to update this worksheet so we can track your advancement through the certificate.

Courses and Degree Requirements


If interested in pursuing this certificate, please contact your department advisor and CSEAS Assistant Director Trude Jacobsen Gidaszewski at

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