Past Seminar Speakers

Spring 2021

Ilia Guzei, Ph.D., Distinguished Scientist, Director of Crystallography, Department of Chemistry, University Wisconsin-Madison
Crystals and Crystallography: From Basics to Discovering New Polymorphs

Asst. Prof. Kevin Tucker, Department of Chemistry, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Research at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water

Associate Prof. Ronald Koder, Department of Physics, The City College of New York
Utilizing disorder in natural and designed proteins and enzymes

Prof. Toby Nelson, Department of Chemistry, Oklahoma State University
Design and Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors: From Bioinspired Organic Materials to Green Chemistry

Prof. Dragan Isailovic, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Toledo
Identification and quantification of fluorescent peptides by mass spectrometry

Asst. Prof. Kelly A. Teske, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Western Michigan University
Drugging the Noncoding Genome for the Treatment of Cancer

Prof. Donghui Zhang, Department of Chemistry, Louisiana State University
A Journey into the World of Peptoid Polymers: Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Materials

Prof. Devin Peterson, Department of Food Science and Technology, Ohio State University
Flavor Research and Discovery at OSU

Fall 2020

Prof. Anatoly Popov, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Smart NIR Fluoroprobes for Imaging, Therapy and Fluorescence-Guided Surgery

Prof. Jason Keleher, Department of Chemistry, Lewis University
Exploring the Physiochemical Ecosystem to Unravel Critical Interactions that Drive Chemical Mechanical Planarization Performance for sub-10nm Technologies

Lindsey Szymczak, PhD., FONA (Flavors of America)
Chemical Analysis of Cannabinoids

Prof. Nils Walter, Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan
Single Molecules Come into Focus: The RNA World We Live In

Spring 2019

Vojislav Stamenkovic, Ph.D., Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Electrochemical Interfaces for Energy Conversion and Storage

Prof. Wenjun Du, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Central Michigan University
Mitigate Biomaterials’ Immunogenicity

Prof. Sebastien Thibaudeau, Universite de Poitiers, France
Creating Molecular Diversity with Superacids

Prof. Etienne Garand, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin - Madison
IR-IR Conformation Specific Spectroscopy of Na+(Glucose) Adducts

Heike Hofstetter, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin - Madison
The NMR Lab at UW-Madison - A Research and Teaching Facility

Prof. Michael Mascagni, Department of Computer Science, Florida State University
The "White Rat" of Numerical Reproducibility

Prof. Hanbin Mao, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Kent State University
Click Chemistry Assisted Characterization of DNA G-quadruplex Structures at the Single-Molecule Level

Sara E. Kern, Ph.D., Forensic Chemistry Center, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Forensic Analysis of a Mass Poisoning in Mozambique Associated with a Homebrewed Beverage using Mass Spectroscopy

Prof. Gary Baker, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Graduate School, Northern Illinois University
Bow Tie Method for Risk Assessment

Prof. Christine Chow, Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University
Targeting and Probing Modified RNAs: Biochemical and Biophysical Approaches

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Fall 2018

Prof. Zhiqun Lin, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Permanently Ligated Hairy Nanocrystals with Precisely Controlled Dimensions, Compositions, Surface Chemistry, and Architectures for Solar Cells, Photocatalysis, LEDs and Batteries

Prof. Parbagaran Narayanasamy, Department of Chemistry, University of Nebraska
Evaluating MEP Pathway for Drug Discovery and Resistance Mechanism

Prof. Connie Liu, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota
Bio-Inspired Bimetallic Complexes For Activating H2 and CO2

Prof. Scott Gronert, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Mass Spectrometry Study of Organometallic-Ions Reactivity in the Gas-Phase

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Spring 2018

Prof. Evgueni Kovriguine, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Marquette University
Biophysical chemistry of proteins: Ras GTPase and NADPH-cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase

Prof. Yanfa Yan, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Toledo
Efficient Pb‐free and Less Pb Halide Perovskite Solar Cells

Prof. Xiaobo Chen, Department of Chemistry, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Black TiO2: Discovery and Properties

Richard Haack, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Abbott Diagnostics Division
Preparation and Uses of Acridinium and Rhodamine Constructs

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Fall 2017

Prof. Chulsung Bae, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Rensselaer Polytechnic University
Use of Engineered Polymers in Fuel Cell Designs

Prof. Benjamin Bythell, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Missouri-St. Louis
The Chemistry of Useful Destruction

Prof. Scott Hartley, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Miami University (Recruitment Seminar)
Folding and Assembly of Ortho‐Phenylenes

Philip McKittrick, Ph.D., RD&E Safety and Chemical Hygiene Manager, Ecolab Inc., Naperville, IL
An Industrial Perspective: Safety Culture in Ecolab RD&E

Yuzi Liu, Ph.D., Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory
Probing Materials transformation by A Reactor in Transmission Electron Microscope

Prof. Robin Rogers, University of Alabama
What is an Appropriate Academic Business Model to Drive Commercialization of Sustainable Technology?

Richard D. Schaller, Ph.D., Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory
Light-matter interaction and electronic structures of quantum confined semiconductor materials

Prof. Luyi Sun, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, University of Connecticut
Bio‐inspired Multifunctional Stimuli‐Responsive Materials

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Spring 2017

Prof. Ranjit T. Koodali, Department of Chemistry, University of South Dakota
Semiconductor Nanoclusters Dispersed on Mesoporous Supports for Design of an Artificial Leaf

Prof. Terry Moore, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, University of Illinois at Chicago
Developing Chemical Probes for Targeting Transcription Factor Interactions

Bruce Stockmeier, Argonne National Laboratory
Safety: The Transition from Academia to Workplace

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