Undergraduate Programs


We offer a program leading to the B.S. degree with a major in chemistry and a choice of four emphases, each of which requires courses in calculus, physics and certain core courses in chemistry.

  • Emphases one (Chemistry) and two (Biochemistry) are intended for students planning to pursue advanced degrees in chemistry or biochemistry, or who are planning careers as professional chemists or biochemists. These emphases are certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Also, with the proper electives, both of these emphases are appropriate for students interested in forensic science.
  • Emphasis three (Secondary Teaching) is designed to prepare students for careers in teaching at the junior and senior high school levels. Further requirements for successful completing Educator Licensure in Chemistry are in the NIU Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Emphasis four (Chemistry for Pre‐Professional Students) is designed for students intending to use training in chemistry as a preparation for professional school.

An honors program is available for outstanding students.

We also offer a minor in chemistry as well as several courses which can be used by non‐majors toward fulfilling the science area requirement in the university's general education program.

Additional costs associated with the degree programs in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, over and above tuition, include laboratory fees for all lab sections. Lab fees will appear on tuition statements from the Bursar's office.

Chemistry Placement Examination Policy

Students planning to take CHEM 210 must take the Chemistry Placement Examination, so they may begin their study of chemistry at the appropriate level. See NIU Testing Services for additional information, including the current testing schedule.

Request Information

Please complete the NIU Information Request Form. If you wish to schedule an appointment for advising, contact the main office at 815-753‐1131.

Undergraduate Advising


Lee S. Sunderlin

Educator Licensure

Paul Fix
La Tourette Hall 207