Graduate Student Travel Grants

Funds to support graduate student participation in professional meetings are available from the Department of Biological Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and (for PhD students only) the Graduate School.

  • Funds are limited to students that are presenting talks or posters
  • Funds will be provided for no more than one meeting per fiscal year
  • Applications should be submitted two weeks prior to the Graduate School deadlines listed below for ranking by the BIOS Graduate Committee
  • Only applications using the GradTravelGrantForm link below will be considered
  • Applicants are urged to consult with their advisors regarding the availability of grant funds and should note any such funding in their applications
  • Applicants are urged to apply for student travel funds provided by meeting organizers and note any such funding granted or pending in their applications


To help facilitate travel to professional meetings and conferences at which graduate students present the results of their academic and creative endeavors, the Graduate School invites degree-seeking graduate students to submit travel grant proposals for Academic Year 2018–2019. Graduate students invited to present results of their original research or creative activity in the form of an oral presentation or poster session at a national or international professional meeting may submit a proposal through the Department of Biological Sciences to the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School.


Review Process

 graduate committee will review application packages following guidelines from the graduate school. Preference will be given to doctoral students or students pursuing the terminal degree in their discipline. Late-stage dissertation and thesis writers (or authors of thesis analogues) presenting results of their project will be advantaged in the review process. Normally, a request from a master’s student will be considered only if the department does not offer a doctoral degree in the student’s field of study.


Graduate School Due Dates

For travel between:                                                              Deadline:

July 1 – August 31                                                                 June 15
September 1 – October 31                                                  August 15
November 1 – January 31                                                  October 15
February 1 – March 31                                                       January 15
April 1 – June 30                                                                  March 15

 *If traveling over two periods, the request must be submitted based on the start date of the travel.

Reference Document and Guidelines   

Applications are submitted electronically via the e-form link located in the Reference Document and Guidelines link above.