Our research laboratories will provide you with extensive experience with living organisms and experimental equipment. The department maintains a variety of central facilities including live animal quarters, greenhouses, anatomy lab, in addition to the latest technology -- confocal and electron microscopy, flow cytometer, molecular core services (nucleic acid sequencing and synthesis), X-ray and radioisotope laboratories, and information systems.

We have a dozen research laboratories, where you will encounter approximately 50 undergraduate students conducting research alongside faculty and graduate students.

You will learn and conduct research alongside our faculty, who are highly-regarded and internationally known for their discoveries. Beyond the classroom, we encourage students to seek out faculty mentors and to conduct research very early in their college careers. Not only does this provide you the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the classroom, it establishes you in the field and paves the way for future success.
Our program is highly-regarded by both employers and educational institutions, allowing our graduates to pursue careers in government, education, and industry. Many students go onto graduate or professional schools, such as medical, dental, podiatric medicine, optometry, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy.


Presidential Research Professor* and Distinguished Research Professors