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The Department of Biological Sciences is a broad-scope, comprehensive academic unit that encompasses diverse areas of biology from ecology to molecular/cellular bioscience. The core principles of evolution serve as the foundation for integrating the broad disciplines within the biological sciences.

The mission of the Department of Biological Sciences is to provide quality instruction and experiential learning in the broad field of biological sciences, to contribute to the field through scholarly research, to train the next generation of biological scientists and teachers, and to provide professional service. Specifically, components of the departmental mission are to:

  • Provide quality education and instruction in the biological sciences for related programs across the university as well as the general education of students in the university community.
  • Provide a strong foundation in biological sciences through quality undergraduate instruction, curricular innovation and experiential learning, upon which students may build professional careers.
  • To train the next generation of biological researchers, educators and the scientific workforce through graduate programs that integrate research, teaching and the scientific process.
  • Foster and contribute to significant scholarly activities in the biological sciences through robust research programs – both disciplinary and interdisciplinary – driven by faculty who integrate students at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.
  • Share our academic and research expertise in professional and service activities.

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