Graduate Programs in Communication Studies

The Department of Communication offers a Master of Arts degree in communication studies. In consultation with faculty advisors, students may design individualized programs of study suited to their academic needs and interests.

Graduate course work available:

Attractive features of our program include forensics activities, media production facilities, communication research lab and teaching assistantships.

Degree Requirements

  • Coms 691 required in the first 12 semester hours of enrollment.  
  • Coms 630 required for students with assistantships during their first semester.
  • Graduate students are required to take one class from each of the four areas (does not include research, communication education or internship).
  • Students must complete 36 semester hours.
  • Students must complete a thesis or 9 hours of written examination.
  • It is not recommended for students to graduate in fewer than four semesters. It is possible to do so, but it requires an enormous time commitment.

Graduate Advising

Bill Cassidy, Ph.D.
Graduate Director
Reavis Hall 108

Nathan Rice
Office Support Specialist
Watson Hall 209