David Henningsen


Organizational / Corporate Communication
IRB chair


(Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, J.D. University of Wisconsin)

Specialties: group decision making, interpersonal communication, social influence.

Profile: I focus primarily on using a scientific approach to understanding human behavior. I have examined topics such as deception, flirting, and group decision making.

Latest Publications

  • Henningsen, D. D. & Henningsen, M. L. M. (In press). A preliminary examination of perceptions of group decision-making in the workplace. Journal of Business Communication.
  • McWorthy, L. & Henningsen, D. D. (2014).Looking at superior-subordinate relationships through dominance and affiliation lenses. Journal of Business Communication, 51, 123-137.
  • Henningsen, D. D. & Henningsen, M. L. M. (2013). Generating ideas about the uses of brainstorming: Reconsidering the losses and gains of brainstorming groups relative to nominal groups. Southern Communication Journal, 78, 42-55.
  • Henningsen, D. D., Henningsen, M. L. M., & Booth, P. (2013). Predicting social and personal attraction in task groups. Groupwork, 23, 73-93.
  • Henningsen, D. D., Henningsen, M. L. M., McWorthy, E., McWorthy, C., McWorthy, L. (2011) Exploring the effects of sex and mode of presentation in perceptions of dating goals in video-dating. Journal of Communication, 61, 641-658.
  • Henningsen, D. D. & Henningsen, M. L. M. (2011). Testing Error Management Theory: Exploring the Commitment Skepticism Bias and the Sexual Overperception Bia. Human Communication Research, 14, 31-38.
  • Carpenter, C. J. & Henningsen, D. D. (2011). The effect of passive verb constructed arguments on persuasion.Communication Research Reports, 28, 52-61.
  • Henningsen, D. D., Serewicz, M. C., & Carpenter, C. (2009). Predictors of comforting communication in romantic relationships. International Journal of Communication, 3, 351-368.

Office: Reavis Hall 113
Email: dhennin1@niu.edu

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