Andrea L. Guzman

Associate Professor

Research Profile

(Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago)

Specialties: human-machine communication, automated journalism, intersection of artificial intelligence and communication, media framing of technology.



Kopenhaver Center Fellow. (2017). Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver Center for the Advancement of Women in Communication.

Latest Publications

  • Guzman, A. L. (Ed.). (2018) Human-Machine Communication: Rethinking communication, technology, & ourselves. In S. Jones (Series Ed.), Digital Formations Series. PeterLang. Book website.
  • Guzman, A.L. (2018). Voices in and of the machine: Source orientation toward mobile virtual assistants. Computers in Human-Behavior. Article.
  • Guzman, A. L. (2018). Beyond extraordinary: Theorizing artificial intelligence and the self in daily life. In Z. Papacharissi (Ed.), A networked self: Human augmentics, artificial intelligence, sentience (Vol. 5). Routledge. Chapter website.
  • Guzman, A.L. (2017). Making AI safe for humans: A conversation with Siri. In R.W. Gehl and M. Bakardjieva (Eds.), Socialbots: Digital media and the automation of sociality. Chapter website.
  • Guzman, A.L. (2016). The messages of mute machines: Human-Machine Communication with industrial technologies. Communication +1. Article. 
  • Guzman, A. L. (2015). Evolution of news frames during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution: Critical discourse analysis of Fox News’s and CNN’s Framing of Protesters, Mubarak, & the Muslim Brotherhood. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 1-19. Article.

Honors Faculty Fellow (2020-2021)

As an Honors Faculty Fellow, Professor Guzman will teach a seminar on AI, Robots and Media in fall 2020 in the University Honors Program. The Honors Faculty Fellowship program identifies faculty eager to teach innovative, exciting seminars of interest to highly-motivated students from across the university.


Office: Reavis Hall 116

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