Recent Theses and Dissertations

Timothy Draher, Ph.D., March 2024, Design and Performance of Superconducting Switches for Nanowire Detectors in Magnetic Fields, Advisors: Zhili Xiao

Kaela Villafania, M.S., March 2024, Cold Testing of a Prototype Superconducting Radiofrequency Electron Gun and Ancillary Systems for the LCLS-II-HE Project

Mark Crowell, M.S., March 2024, Microwave Simulations of a Beam Position Monitor and Circuit Designs Assisting Its Beam Testing

William Baker, Ph.D., March 2024, Theory of Ultrafast Spin Crossover in Divalent Iron Systems, Advisor: Michel van Veenendaal

Austin Dick, Ph.D., October 2023, Computational Modeling, Simulation, and Potential Applications of Optical Stochastic Cooling, Advisor: Philippe Piot

Alister Tencate, Ph.D., September 2023, A High-Precision Electron Emission Model: Computational Methods for Nanoscale Structures, Advisor: Bela Erdelyi

Spencer Kelham, M.S., September 2023, Simulations of Electro-Optically Sampled Arbitrarily Shaped Electron Bunches for Wakefield Accelerators, Advisor: Philippe Piot

Prudhvi Raj Varma Chintalapati, Ph.D., June 2023, Systematic study of projection biases in weak lensing analysis, Advisor: Vishnu Zutshi

Nicholas Yee, M.S., June 2023, Verification of Proton Range Predictions in Proton Treatment Planning Using X-Ray CT or Proton CT Imaging, Advisor: George Coutrakon

Zamiul Alam, M.S., June 2023, The Standard Model Precision Parameters at 200 GeV, Advisor: Stephen Martin

Joseph Piet, M.S., June 2023, Applications of Proton Imaging in Proton Cancer Treatments, Advisor: George Coutrakon

Elena Krivyakina, Ph.D., June 2023, Strongly-correlated electron systems: alkaline- and rare-earth manganese- and nickel-based perovskites, Advisor: Omar Chmaissem

Sarah Choate, M.S., March 2023, Examining the Feasibility of Identifying Tau Neutrino Charged Current Events in the DUNE Far Detector, Advisor: Michael Eads

Mark Mekosh, M.S., March 2023, Using Machine Learning to Search for Vector Boson Scattering at the CMS Detector During Run 2, Advisor: Michael Eads

Pupsa Upreti, Ph.D., March 2023, Diffuse Scattering and 3D-ΔPDF Analyses: Order-Disorder Phase Transitions in (Sr1-xCax)3Rh4Sn13 and NaNO2, Advisor: Omar Chmaissem

Dillon Merenich, M.S., March 2023, Design and Cold Test of a Metamaterial Accelerating Structure for Two-Beam Acceleration, Advisor: Xueying Lu

Marc Pavlik, Ph.D., March 2023, The Dynamics of Liquids and Glasses using Nuclear Resonance Time Domain Interferometry, Advisor: Dennis Brown

Saba Fatima, Ph.D., January 2023, Using Machine Learning to Predict Student Outcomes, Advisor: Michael Eads

Cassandra Phillips, M.S., October 2022, Modeling of sub-THz Wakefield structures for Electron-Beam Acceleration, Advisor: Philippe Piot

Emily Frame, M.S., October 2022, An Upgraded Photoinjector for the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator, Advisor: Philippe Piot

Elliot Parrish, Ph.D., October 2022, Search for Charged Higgs Bosons in the tau+lepton final state with 139 fb-1 of pp Collision Data at sqrt( = 13 TeV with the ATLAS Experiment, Advisor: Jahred Adelman

Brianna Dwyer, Ph.D., October 2022, Measuring Diphoton Production from Higgs Boson Decays and in Association with Heavy Flavor Jets, Advisor: Jahred Adelman

Aaakash Narayanan, Ph.D., September 2022, Third-integer Resonant Extraction Regulation System for Mu2e, Advisor: Michael Syphers

Wei Hou Tan, Ph.D., June 2022, Compact Wakefield Accelerator with Advanced Beam Manipulations, Advisor: Philippe Piot

Ramanpreet Singh, Ph.D., June 2022, Studies of Vector Boson Scattering in the semileptonic channel with the CMS detector at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV, Advisor: Vishnu Zutshi

Tianzhe Xu, Ph.D., June 2022, Precise Phase-Space Control for Future Linear Colliders, Advisor: Philippe Piot

Timothy Draher, M.S., February 2022, Magnetic Charge Ordering of Pinwheel Artificial Spin Ice in In-plane External Magnetic Fields and its Application for Tunable Vortex Pinning, Advisor: Zhili Xiao.

Benjamin Simons, M.S., October 2021, Beam Phase Space Diagnostic Techniques Along the Fermilab Muon Campus Extraction Line, Advisor: Michael Syphers.

Danylo Lykov, M.S, October 2021, Tensor Network Approach for Simulation of Quantum Many-Body Systems, Advisor: Andreas Glatz.

Brendan Leung, M.S., October 2021, Spectral Analysis of Cyclotron Radiation for Electron Bream Diagnostics, Advisor: Philippe Piot.

Bisham Poudel, Ph.D., June 2021, Superconducting Cuprates: Synthesis, Characterization and Diffuse Scattering Properties, Advisor: Omar Chmaissem.

Ryan Stadel, Ph.D., June 2021, Experimental Exploration of Shared Magnetic Phases Between Diverse Systems of Iron-Pnictide Superconductors, Advisor: Omar Chmaissem.

Prudhvi N. Bhattiprolu, June 2021, Signal-background analysis for new physics at particle colliders and the criteria for its discovery, Advisor: Stephen Martin.

Afnan Al Marzouk, Ph.D., June 2021, Collisional Methods with Applications to Charged Particle Beams, Advisor: Bela Erdelyi.

Osama Mohsen, Ph.D., June 2021, Design and Optimization of Superconducting Radio-Frequency Electron Sources, Advisor: Philippe Piot.

Christina Sarosiek, Ph.D., May 2021, Clinical Applications and Feasibility of Proton CT and Proton Radiography, Advisor: George Coutrakon.

Christopher Marshall, M.S., August 2020, Development of an Electron-Beam Halo Diagnostics. Advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Aaron Fetterman, M.S., December 2020, Photoinjector generation of high-charge magnetized beams for electron-cooling applications. Advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Sebastian Szustkowski, Ph.D., October 2020, Nonlinear Integrable Optics Beam Dynamics Experiment and Diagnostics. Advisor: Dr. Swapan Chattopadhyay

Jeremiah Mitchell, Ph.D., September 2020, On Systematics and Their Mitigation in MAGIS-100 Atomic Interferometer Experiment to Explore the Dark Sector and Early Universe. Advisor: Dr. Swapan Chattopadhyay

Kevin Hamilton, M.S., September 2020, On the Self-Force Problem of Point-Like Charged Particles in Classical Electrodynamics . Advisor: Dr. Bela Erdelyi

Deblina Das, M.S., June 2020, The Synthesis of Pb2Sr2Sm1-xCaxCu3O8 and Characterization of its Structural and Superconducting Properties. Advisor: Dr. Omar Chmaissem

Puja Saha, Ph.D., March 2020, Search for Higgs Pair Production in the bbττ Final State with the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider. Advisor: Dr. Dhiman Chakraborty

Tyler Burch, Ph.D., March 2020, A Search for Resonant and Non-Resonant Di-Higgs Production in the γγbb¯ Channel Using the ATLAS Detector . Advisor: Dr. Jahred Adelman.

Tilak Malla, MS, October 2019, Towards Dual-Readout Calorimetry for Redtop Experiment. Advisor: Dr. Vishnu Zutshi.

Edward Aris Fajardo, Ph.D., October 2019, Two-Dimensional Bloch Electrons in Electric and Magnetic Fields. Advisor: Dr. Roland Winkler.

Michael Gattone, M.S., June 2019, Impact of Standardized Test Performance on Success in Introductory College Physics Classes . Advisor: Dr. Michael Eads.

Daniel Boyden, M.S., June 2019, Study of the Systematics in Straw Tube Tracking System for gm2. Advisor: Dr. Michael Eads.

Daniel Faia, MS, June 2019, Improving on Matrix Element Based Discriminants with Machine Learning Techniques For H->ZZ->4I Analysis. Advisor: Dr. Michael Eads.

Anusorn Lueangaramwong, Ph.D., June 2019, Study of Electron Beam Emitted from Nano-Structured Cathode. Advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Nick Amato, M.S., June 2019, Improved Momentum Spread for Precise Experiments Using Wedges . Advisor: Dr. Michael Syphers.

Prudhvi Chintalapati, M.S., June 2019, Simulation of Resonant Extraction on MU2E. Advisor: Dr. Michael Syphers.

Mason Hayward, M.S., May 2019, Characterization of Boron/Iron-Oxide Core/Shell Structure For Boron Neutron Capture Therapy by Stem,Eels-Xeds and Mossbauer Spectroscopy. Advisor: Dr. Yasuo Ito

Jing Xu, Ph.D., May 2019, Magnetoresistance in Non-Magnetic Semimetals and Quantum Wells. Advisor: Dr. Zhili Xiao.

Matthew Dwyer, MS, April 2019, Exploring the Relationship among Students’ Preconceptions, Attitudes, and Major. Advisor: Dr. Michael Eads.

Kamal Chapagain, Ph.D., December 2018, Discovery and Study of Single-Phase and Single-Ion Manganese Pervoskite Multiferroics. Advisor: Dr. Bogdan Dabrowski.

Matthew Krogstad, Ph.D., October 2018, Diffuse Scattering and Local Order in Lead-Based Relaxor Ferroelectrics. Advisor: Dr. Omar Chmaissem

Alexander Malyzhenkov, Ph.D., September 2018, Phase-space Manipulations of Electron Beams for X-ray free-Electron Lasers and Inverse Compton Scattering Sources. Advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Blake Burghgrave, Ph.D., June 2018, Search for Charged Higgs Bosons in the Tau + Lepton Final State. Advisor: Dr. Dhiman Chakraborty.

Logan Clutch Jackson Rice, M.S., June 2018, Toward a DUNE Photon Detection System, Advisor: Dr. Vishnu Zutshi.

Matthew Andorf, Ph.D., June 2018, Light Transport and Amplification for Optical Stochastic Cooling in IOTA. Advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Aliaksei Halavanau, Ph.D., May 2018, Electron Beam Shaping and Its Applications. Advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Saber Al Furhud, M.S., April 2018, Control of Ferroelectricity in ATiO3 by Isoelectronic Ti-site Substitutions. Advisor: Dr.Bogdan Dabrowski.

Hamoud Somaily, Ph.D., March 2018, Tuning of the Structural and Physical Properties Via A-Site Doping in Perovskite-Type Transition Metal Oxides. Advisor: Dr. Omar Chmaissem.

Anthony Gee, Ph.D., March 2018, Intense Beam Dynamics in Arbitrary Structures . Advisor: Dr. Bela Erdelyi.

Ryan Churchill-DeRose, M.S., March 2018, The Synthesis of Ba(1-x) Na(x) Fe2As2 And Its Structural and Magnetic Properties. Advisor: Dr. Omar Chmaissem.

Jinlong Wang, M.S., March 2018, A Transverse - Wakefields Streaking Technique for Measurement of Ultrashort Electron Pulses. Advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Wadiah Allahyani, M.S., October 2017, Oxygen Storage and Electrolyte Material RMnO3. Advisor: Dr. Bogdan Dabrowski.

Gregory Alley, M.S., June 2017, Measuring and Improving Student Outcomes in Physics High Data Analysis. Advisor:Dr. Michael Eads.

Aaron Epps, M.S., June 2017, A Dedicated Quality Control Test Stand for g-2 Tracker System. Advisor: Dr. Michael Eads.

Scott Zitnik, M.S., June 2017, Ability Group Configuration for the High School Physics Classroom. Advisor: Dr. Michael Eads.

Jacob Kalnins, M.S., June 2017, Radiation Damage in Hamamatsu Multi-Pixel Photon Counters . Advisor: Dr. Vishnu Zutshi.

Maleeha Alanizy, M.S., May 2017, Hexagonal Manganites for Gas Separation. Advisor: Bogdan Dabrowski

Andrew Fiedler, M.S., April 2017, A Study of Particle Beam Spin Dynamics for High Precision Experiments . Advisor: Dr. Michael Syphers.

Preeti Vodnala, Ph.D., April 2017, Interplay of Structure and Dynamics in Biomaterial. Advisor: Dr. Laurence B. Lurio.

Ivan Viti, Ph.D., October 2016, Simulations in multiphastic nanosoldics and superconducting nanostructures. Advisor: Dr. Andreas Glatz.

Sumana Abeyratne, Ph.D., October 2016, New computational approaches to the N-body problem with applications to electron cooling of heavy ion beams. Advisor: Dr. Bela Erdelyi.

Alexander Malyzhenkov, M.S., October 2016, KLYNAC, a compact linear accelerator with integrated power supply. Advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Shane Sullivan, M.S., August 2016, Supersymmetric particle production at post-LHC proton-proton colliders. Advisor: Dr. Stephen Martin.

Laxman Raju Thoutam, Ph.D., August 2016, Magnetoresistance Anisotropy and Transport Properties of Tungsten Ditelluride. Advisor: Dr. Zhili Xiao.

Melissa Butner, M.S., July 2016, Constraining Neutrinos as Background to WIMP- Nucleon Dark Matter Particle Searches for DAMIC: CCD Physics Analysis and Electronics Development. Advisor: Dr. Stephen Martin

Andrew Green, M.S., June 2016, Development of automated beam emittance measurement system via the quadrupole scan technique at the Fermilab Accelerator Science and Technology (FAST) facility. Advisor: Dr. Young-Min Shin.

Heath LeFevre, M.S., June 2016, Analysis of an integrated readout layer for use in a highly granular analog hadron calorimeter. Advisor: Dr. Vishnu Zutshi.

Nilanjana Kumar, Ph.D, May 2016, Phenomenological studies of minimal extensions to the Standard Model. Advisor: Dr. Stephen Martin.

Casey Mott, M.S., March 2016, Research and Development for the Mu2e Extinction Monitor. Advisor: Dr. David Hedin.

Keith Taddei, Ph.D., March 2016, Magnetism in the Iron-Based Superconductors: The Determination of Spin-Nematic Fluctuations as the Primary Order Parameter and its Implications for Unconventional Superconductivity. Advisor: Dr. Omar Chmaissem

Harsh Deshpande, M.S., March 2016. Edge States in single-layer graphene. Advisor: Dr. Roland Winkler

Michael McEvoy, M.S., March 2016, The slow control system for the Fermilab muon g-2 E989 experiment. Advisor: Dr. Michael Eads.

Daniel Stange, M.S., December 2015, Physics Education.

Evan Reeves, M.S., August 2015, Physics Education.

Graham Stoddard, M.S., June 2015, Radiation Simulations of pp Collisions in the CMS Detector. Advisor: Dr. Pushpa Bhat.

Francois Lemery, Ph.D., June 2015, Beam Manipulation and Acceleration in Dielectric-lined waveguides. Advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

SriHarsha Panuganti, Ph.D., June 2015, Investigations and Applications of Field- and Photo-emitted Electron Beams from a Radio Frequency Gun. Advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Castro Abughayada, Ph.D., April 2015, Air separation and oxygen storage properties of hexagonal rare-earth manganites . Advisor: Dr. Bogdan Dabrowski

Andrew Palm, M.S., April 2015, Study on phase-matched amplification of coherent electromagnetic waves through co-planar traveling wavie structure for broadband power RF generation. Advisor: Dr. Young-Min Shin

Saroj Raj Rai, M.S., April 2015, Image quality measures in proton computed tomography. Advisor: Dr. Bela Erdelyi

Michael E. Miszczak, Ph.D., January 2015, Ginzbury-Landau simulations of confined two-dimensional superconductors. Advisor: Dr. Andreas Glatz

Stephen Cole, Ph.D., December 2014, A Measurement of WZ production in Proton-Proton collisions at s = 7 TeV with ATLAS detector and combination of the ATLAS and CMS s = 7 TeV ZZ anomalous triple gauge coupling measurement. Advisor: Dr. Gerald Blazey

Nuwan Karunaratne, Ph.D., December 2014, Coherent X-ray and laser spectroscopy measurements of diffusion in concentrated alpha-crystalline suspensions. Advisor: Dr. Laurence Lurio.

Mary Shenk, M.S., December 2014, A straw tube tracking detector system for the new muon g-2 E989 experiment . Advisor: Dr. Michael Eads

Joe Paschal, M.S., August 2014. Design, construction and implementation of tension testing for a straw tube tracking system for the E989 muon g-2 experiment. Advisor: Dr. Michael Eads.

Victoriya Zvoda, M.S., August 2014. The construction of a fiber tracking system for a proton computed tomography (pCT) device. Advisor: Dr. George Coutrakon.

Matthew Wiesner, Ph.D., August 2014, Investigations of galaxy clusters using gravitational lensing. advisor" Dr. Huan Lin (Fermilab) and Dr. Michael Fortner. Initial position: research associate, Purdue.

Ben Blomberg, M.S., May 2014, Development of a novel X-ray source from planar electron channeling. advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Christopher Prokop, Ph.D., May 2014, Advanced beamline design for Fermilab's advanced superconducting test accelerator, advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot. Initial position: Allstate.

Michael Latimer, Ph.D., May 2014, Vortex dynamics in superconducting MoGe thin films containing periodic defect arrays, advisor: Dr. Zhili Xiao.

Chad Suhr, Ph.D., May 2014, Single top quark t-channel cross section measurement at ATLAS using a cut-based technique, advisor: Dr. Dhiman Chakraborty.

Lei Feng, Ph.D., May 2014, Measurement of the ZZ ->l+l-l+l- cross section at root(s) = 1.96 TeV with the D0 detector , advisor: Dr. David Hedin.

Ivan Viti, M.S., August 2013, Coherently-enhanced radiation from inverse-Compton scattering with tailored electron bunches, advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Andrew Gearhart, M.S., August 2013, Simulation, hardware characterization, analysis, and assembly of the fiber trackers for the proton computed tomography scanner , advisor: Dr. George Coutrakon.

Diego Menezes, Ph.D., August 2013, Search for the standard model Higgs boson in the four lepton final state by the D0 experiment at Run II of the Tevatron Collider. Advisor: Dr. David Hedin. First position: adjunct professor, Lewis University.

Zachary Hodge, M.S., August 2013, Optimization of the muon stopping target for the Mu2E collaboration, advisor: Dr. David Hedin.

James Maloney , Ph.D., April 2013, Parametric-Resonance Ionization Cooling for Muon Beams in the Twin Helix Channel , advisor: Dr. Bela Erdelyi and Rol Johnson (Muons, Inc). First position: research scientist TRIUMF, Canada.

Aaron Zvonek, M.S., May 2013, physics education.

Hamoud Somaily, M.S. April 2013, Structural and thermoelectric properties of a-site substituted (Sr1-x-yCa x Ndy)Ti03Perovskites, advisor: Dr. Omar Chmaissem

Brad Kreydick, M.S. March 2013, A new quality control procedure for detecting defects in proton range modifiers for proton therapy . Advisor: Dr. George Coutrakon

Robert Calkins, Ph.D. December 2012, Measurements of the top quark pair production cross section and branching ratio to a W-boson and bottom quark using the semi-leptonic and dilepton final states with the ATLAS detector at the LHC , advisor: Dr. Dhiman Chakraborty

Qiong Luo, Ph.D. August 2012, Superconducting Nanowire Networks Formed on Nanoporous Membrane Substrates , advisor: Dr. Zhili Xiao.

Seyed A. Sabok-Sayr, M.S. May 2012, Synthesis, P-T phase diagram, and T_c of R2Ba4Cu7O15, advisor Dr. Bogdan Dabrowski.

Curt DeCaro, Ph.D. May 2012, Structure of lipid membranes at solid/liquid and liquid/vapor interfaces , advisor: Dr. Laurence Lurio.

Danairis Hernandez, M.S. May 2012, Charge density estimations for particle beams based on orthogonal polynomial series, advisor: Dr. Bela Erdelyi

Timothy Maxwell, Ph.D. May 2012, Measurement of sub-picosecond electron bunches via electro-optic sampling of coherent transition radiation , advisor:Dr. Philippe Piot

Diego Menezes, M.S. May 2012, Measurement of the cross section for proton-antiproton to top-antitop in the tau plus jets channel by the D0 experiment at Run II of the Tevatron Collider , advisor: Dr. Dhiman Chakraborty.

James Younkin, Ph.D. May 2012, Topics in supersymmetry , advisor: Dr. Stephen Martin.

Mark E. Servantes, M. S. December 2011, A Study of Supported Lipid Multilayers in a Humidity Controlled Environment , advisor: Dr. Laurence Lurio

Jonathan W. Maloney, M.S. December 2011, Solid Helium in Vycor Glass , advisor: Dr. Laurence Lurio

Fayez Abu-Ajamieh, M.S. December 2011, Evaluation of an Integrated Readout Layer Prototype , advisor: Dr. Gerald Blazey

Don Johnson, M.S. August 2011, Structural, Transport, and Magnetic Properties of A-Site Substituted Perovskite Manganites , advisor: Dr. Bogdan Dabrowski

Nelson R. Voldeng, M.S. August 2011, Perforated Superconducting Niobium Nitride Films Formed on Anodic Aluminum Oxide Membranes , advisor: Dr. Zhili Xiao

Edward Nissen, Ph.D. August 2011, Differential Algebraic Methods for Space Charge Modeling and Applications to the University of Maryland Electron Ring , advisor: Dr. Bela Erdelyi

Robert Shea, M.S. August 2011, Studies of Long Scintillation Counters , advisor: Dr. David Hedin

Aaron Morris, M.S. August 2011, Physics Validation Studies for Muon Collider Detector Background Simulations , advisor: Dr. David Hedin

Marwan Rihaoui, Ph.D. August 2011, Phase Space Manipulation in High-Brightness Electron Beams , advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot

Steve Remsen, Ph.D. May 2011, Properties of Transition Metal Oxides for Gas Separation and Oxygen Storage Applications , advisor:Dr. Bogdan Dabrowski.

Matt Wiesner, M.S. December 2010, On the Properties of Ten Strong-Lensing Systems Found in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey , advisors: Dr. Michael Fortner and Dr. Huan Lin.

David Danaher, M.S. December 2010, The growth and analysis of transition metal oxide superlattices using advanced magnetometry techniques , advisor: Dr. Omar Chmaissem.

Martin Braunlich, M.S. December 2010, Upgrades to the D0 Muon System , advisor: Dr. David Hedin.

Josh Ernst, M.S. August 2010, Investigations of beam Property Correlation in a Mixed Field Beam using Collimators of Different Composition , advisor: Dr. Thomas Kroc (Fermilab).

Stephen Boona, M.S. August 2010, Thermoelectric properties of doped transition metal perovskites , advisor: Dr. Bogdan Dabrowski.

Justin Berry, M.S. May 2010, Soft Matter Studies of Phospholipid Membranes , advisor: Dr. Laurence B. Lurio.

Janae DeBartolo, M.S., May 2010, X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy Measurements of Dynamics within Concentrated Eye Lens Protein Suspensions , advisor: Dr. Laurence B. Lurio.

Sevda Avci, Ph.D., May 2010, Superconducting Properties and Vortex Dynamics of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 Nanoribbons with and without Periodic Array of Nanoscale Holes , advisor: Dr. Zhili Xiao.

Kurt Francis, Ph.D., May 2010, Results of Beam Tests of a Prototype Calorimeter for a Linear Collider , advisor: Dr. Jerry Blazey. Initial position: Detector physicist, Argonne National Laboratory.

Christopher Hoffmann, M.S. May 2010, An X-ray diffraction investigation of lanthanum(1-x) strontium(x) manganite (x = 0.55) and lanthanum(1-x) barium(x) manganite (x = 0.5, 0.52) under an applied magnetic field , advisor: Dr. Dennis Brown.

Christopher Prokop, M.S. December 2009, Numerical Simulations of a Smith-Purcell Free-Electron Laser Operating in the Backward Wave Oscillator Regime , advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Alex Lee, M.S., August 2009, Simulation of the of light in small scintillator cells , advisor: Dr. David Hedin.

Kent Wong, M.S., August 2009, Evaluation of Protons' Most Likely Paths in Inhomogeneous Phantoms for Proton Computed Tomography , advisor: Dr. Bela Erdelyi.

Laura Bandura, Ph.D., August 2009, Next-Generation Fragment Separators for Exotic Beams , advisor: Dr. Bela Erdelyi. Intital position: Research Associate, National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab, Michigan State University.

Suhong Yu, M.S., August 2009, Fabrication and Properties of Nanoscale Superconducting Loops , advisor: Dr. Zhili Xiao.

Umeshkumar Patel, Ph.D., May 2009, Synthesis, Characterization and Physical Properties of CDW Material NbSe3 and Superconducting NbN Nanostructures , advisor: Dr. Zhili Xiao. Initial position: post-doc NIU-Argonne.

Michael Himes, M.S., December 2008, Thermoelectric Properties of Cobalt Doped Perovskites , advisor: Dr. Bogdan Dabrowski.

Jason Churilla, M.S. December 2008, X-ray Diffraction Studies of Sr2FeMo6 Thin Films , advisor: Dr. Dennis Brown.

Benjamin Sprague, M.S., August 2008, Wavelet-space solution of the Poisson equation: An algorithm for use in particle-in-cell simulations, advisor: Dr. Balsa Terzic.

Curt DeCaro, M.S., August 2008, X-ray Scattering from Biological Membranes, advisor: Dr. Laurcnce B. Lurio.

John Powell, M.S., May 2008, High-Resolution 2D Scanning for Scintillator Characterization, advisor: Dr. Vishnu Zutshi.

Voltaire Teodorescu , Ph.D., May 2008, Spin Polarization of Electrons by Reflection at a Barrier advisor: Dr. Roland Winkler.

Jiong Hua, Ph.D., May 2008, Commensurate Effect in Superconducting Niobium Films Containing Arrays of Nanoscale Holes , advisor: Dr. Zhili Xiao. Initial position: post-doc NIU-Argonne.

Mikhail Arov, Ph.D., May 2008, A measurement of the top quark cross section in the tau channel at D0 , advisor: Dr. Dhiman Chakraborty. Initial position: post-doc Louisiana Tech.

Erich Schoedl, M.S., December 2007, Importance of Detector Baseline Lengths for the Study of Neutrino Oscillations, advisor: Dr. David Hedin.

Tim Maxwell, M.S., December 2007, Diffraction Analysis of Coherent Transition Radiation Interferometry in Electron Linacs, advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Xuegang Xia, M.S., December 2007, Study of radiation effects in the CMS tracker from beam-beam and beam-gas interactions in the LHC, advisor: Dr. Pushpa Bhat (Fermilab).

Kujtim Latifi, M.S., August 2007, A Study of the Effect of the Ferroelectric Phase Transition on the Surface Morphology of PbTiO3 Films Grown by Organo-Metallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy, advisor: Dr. Carol Thmpson.

Ngoc Tran, M.S., August 2007, Pedestal Stability of a New Calorimeter Technology for an ILC Detector, advisor: Dr. Gerald Blazey.

Donna Kubik, M.S., August 2007, Strong Gravitational Lensing Systems Found in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, advisor: Dr. Huan Lin (Fermilab).

Edward Nissen, M.S., August 2007, Chaos and its Role in Emittance Growth in Fixed Field Alternating Gradient Accelerators, advisor: Dr. Balsa Terzic.

Shafaq Moten, M.S., August 2007, Construction and Initial Chacterization of a Low Energy Photoemission Electron Source for Electron Microscopy, advisor: Dr. Nickolay Vinogradov.

Marwen Rihaoui, M.S., August 2007, Impact of a Photocathode Drive Laser Transverse Density Perturbation on a High Charge Electron Beam Produced in a Photoinjector, advisor: Dr. Philippe Piot.

Daniel Rosenmann, M.S., May 2007, Synthesis and Characterization of the Graphite Intercalation Superconductor CaC6, advisor: Dr. Zhili Xiao.

Rob McIntosh, M.S., May 2007, Evaluation of a Clustering Algorithm for the Electromagnetic and Hadronic Sections of a Calorimeter for the International Linear Collider, advisor: Dr. Gerald Blazey.

Ben Stillwell, M.S., May 2007, Evaluation of Potential Cathode Materials for Reduced-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, advisor: Dr. Bogdan Dabrowski.

Zhiyong Shen, M.S., December 2006, The Motion of a Satillite between the Earth and the Moon, advisor: Dr. Michael Fortner.

Manassa Majjiga, M.S., December 2006, Synthesis, Thermal and Resistivity Properties of Cathode Materials for Fuel Cells, advisor: Dr. Bogdan Dabrowski.

James Maloney, M.S., December 2006, Application of Symmetry Theories to Design of Fragment Separators for Exotic Isotope Accelerators, advisor: Dr. Bela Erdelyi.

Sergey Uzunyan, Ph.D., August 2006, A Search for Charge 1/3 Third Generation Leptoquarks in the Muon Channel advisor: Dr. David Hedin. Initial position: postdoc, NIU.

Andriy Zatserklyaniy, Ph.D., August 2006, A Search for Third Generation Leptoquarks, advisor: Dr. David Hedin. Initial position: detector scientist, Fermilab.

Elizabeth Holden, M.S., August 2006, The Accuracy of the Photometric Redshift of Galaxy Clusters, advisors: Dr. Court Bohn and Dr. James Annis (Fermilab).

Andrew Morrison, Ph.D., December 2005, Acoustical Studies of the Steelpan and HANG: Phase-Sensitive Holography and Sound Intensity Measurements, advisor: Dr. Thomas Rossing. initial position: faculty, Illinois Wesleyan University

Junehee Yoo, Ph.D., December 2005, Acoustics of Korean Percussion Instruments: Pyeongyeong and Pyeonjong, advisor: Dr. Thomas Rossing. initial position: faculty, Seoul National University

Xiaofei Song, Ph.D., December 2005, The search for second-generation leptoquarks at Run II D0 in the muon-muon-jet-jet channel in center of mass energy = 1.96 TeV proton-antiproton collisions, advisors: Dr. Pushpa Bhat (Fermilab) and Dr. David Hedin. initial position: postdoc, University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Greg Betzel, M.S., December 2005, Chaos in Time-Dependent Space-Charge Potentials, advisor: Dr. Court Bohn.

Laura Layton, M.S., August 2005, physics education (with astronomy emphasis), advisor: Dr. David Hedin. firstposition, associate editor Astronomy magazine.

LaTanya Malone, M.S., August 2005, physics education, advisor: Dr. Michael Fortner.

Wesley Fabella, M.S., August 2005, Ab-Initio Supercell Calculation of an Isolated Neutral Silicon Vacancy for Investigation of the Properties Relating to Deep Centers, advisor: Dr. Yasuo Ito.

Jarrett Stark, M.S., August 2005, The Glass Transition in Thin Film Supported Polystyrene Films, advisor:Dr. Larry Lurio.

Michael Eads, Ph.D., August 2005, A Search for Charged Massive Stable Particles at D0, advisor: Dr. David Hedin. Initial position: postdoc, Univ. of Nebraska.

Srinivas Totapally, M.S., May 2005, Epitaxial Thin Films of Sr2FeMoO6, advisor: Dr. Dennis Brown.

Dan Bollinger, M.S., May 2005, A Possible Cure of Phase Shift in a Nonlinear Plasma Wakefield Accelerator, advisor:Dr. Court Bohn.

Linda Bagby, M.S., May 2005, Higgs Physics and the Layer Zero Upgrade for D0, advisor: Dr. Gerald Blazey.

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