Research Experience for Teachers (RET)


Summer Internship Program
June 15 - August 7, 2020

This 8-week program will provide novel research experiences for Teachers. Research opportunities span a broad range of physics, including high-energy and intensity-frontier particle physics, beam and accelerator physics and condensed matter and materials physics.

Matched with an NIU faculty mentor, participants will gain vital research skills and visit both nearby Fermilab and Argonne National Laboratories. Activities will also include workshops on scientific communication, lab safety, responsible conduct in research and an end of program poster session.

Questions? Please contact the program directors at

Application Information

Applications received by Feb. 2, 2020 receive full consideration. Applications received after that date may be considered if space allows.

Primary selection criteria include academic record, career objectives and letters of recommendation.

Participants selected will receive a $6,000 stipend, optional free housing and a food allowance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline for the summer 2020 program?

The deadline for applications to be fully considered is Feb. 2, 2020, though applications received later may still be considered.

Is previous research experience required?

No, previous research experience is not required.

Am I eligible to apply if I am not a U.S. citizen, U.S. national or permanent resident?

No, the NSF requires participants to be U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals or permanent residents.

How do I submit my transcript(s)?

A copy of your unofficial transcript(s) should be uploaded to the online application form as a pdf, doc, docx, or jpeg.

When will I learn if I have been selected for this program?

We will notify accepted applicants as soon as possible.

What sort of teacher must I be to apply for the program?

All K-12 teachers can apply, though the program targets those who teach science, particularly physics.

Faculty Mentors

  • Jahred Adelman
  • Dhiman Chakraborty
  • Michael Eads
  • Elizabeth Gaillard
  • Laurence Lurio
  • Philippe Piot
  • Michael Syphers
  • Roland Winkler
  • Zhili Xiao
  • Vishnu Zutshi

Previous Projects

  • Verifying Improvements in Classification of Photons in the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider
  • Analysis of field simulations of Muon g02 quadrupoles
  • Dihiggs + W/Z boson production in proton collisions
  • Detecting Tau Neutrinos with DUNE
  • Self-consistent eigenstates in symmetric quantum wells
  • The Effect of Geometry and Composition on the Thermodynamics of a Membrane
  • Studies on simulations of photosensors for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
  • Quark-Gluon Discrimination Using Deep Neural Networks
  • Lipid Bilayer Structures and Properties for Studying Cataracts
  • Pulling From Mad-X Using R
  • Geometric Efficiencies For The Photon Detection Subsystem Of The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) Single-phase Far Detector Module
  • Dummy Loads for Testing Low-Voltage Supply Units for the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter
  • A Simulation of the Behavior of Electrons in a Quantum Well
  • Comparisons of Data Sidebands to Sherpa Simulation for Higgs to 𝜸𝜸bb
  • Melting transitions of artificial phospholipid membranes
  • Temperature Analysis of the g-2 Magnetic Ring